Radio OverCoat #251 (2018-03-04): Doing Just Kalafine


Oh no! I haven’t had much time to post the show recordings, and before I knew it I was over a month behind (´・ω・`)! Well, I can work on it again, so here’s the show from March 4th, where I play a bit of Kalafina due to the news of Yuki Kajiura leaving the group and her agency. A good manager makes all the difference, guys! The rest of the show ended up being mostly chill, I rendered out some old modscene music favorites since I haven’t played any in a while, plus a few good old netlabel idm tracks that I missed hearing. Read on for the full playlist:

  1. Kalafina – overture
  2. Kalafina – oblivious
  3. ym1024 – Testify
  4. tigerlily – Astigmatism
  5. Aphex Twin – Come On You Slags
  6. rs3 – black orpheus remix
  7. kilowatts – spaghetti techno
  8. Kalafina – また風が強くなった
  9. Danimal Cannon – Collision Event
  10. Iris – I Wanna Be Adored
  11. 空と海と風と – 岺皋ヘ」
  12. bliss – life on the rooftop
  13. Taeko Onuki – くすりをたくさん
  14. aleksi virta – princess melodiae
  15. Necros – Orchard Street
  16. skrypnyk – trilobyte
  17. Anders Svensson – Facing Trouble
  18. Khonnor – Cantelopps
  19. grandma – strawberry rhubarb oppai
  20. MYRONE – Aromatherapy
  21. SVEN ATTERTON – Closer
  22. aphex twin – avril altdelay
  23. Taeko Onuki – SARGASSO SEA
  24. tesla boy – fire (casio social club calm before the storm remix)

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