Radio OverCoat #233 (2017-08-20): Starin’ at the Sun


In this week’s show I attempt to make up for barely playing any videogame music despite being on a VGM radio network, so I played selections from a few recent games I’ve beaten or are playing. I mixed it up with a few of my favorite chiptunes and vgm covers too. Also played some STAFFcirc tracks, since STAFFcirc vol. 3 came out [Bandcamp, Name Your Price]. Also, this week, you may notice things are *a lot* louder. I’m putting this show up as an experiment. I decided to just hard limit everything in post because I was tired of manually editing all the volumes, also because ReplayGain betrayed me. I set the hard limiter to boost volumes but not destroy dynamics *too* much, so hopefully serious music fans out there don’t find this too unlistenable. Read on for the full playlist:

  1. Klaus Nomi – Total Eclipse
  2. Garoad – Every Day is Night
  3. Garoad – Commencing Simulation
  4. MONACA – 砂塵ノ記憶
  5. naruto x Aya Futatsuki x BouKiChi – AI Bomb on vocal
  6. HMOとかの中の人。 – PSYCHO SOLDIER
  7. Jake Kaufman – Love You Love You Love
  9. Daitem – おてんばブギ(冷血物語BGM)
  10. Haruomi Hosono – Super Xevious
  11. Mazedude – Heart Beats
  12. rushjet1 – Ancient Ruin Adventure
  13. Manabu Namiki – Megawater_S Stage, WILY TOWER 4 (Area-2A03 Navy mix)
  14. coda – PLS GO FAST
  15. effoharkay – multiple fantano punch rly cause u 2 refelct
  16. virt – across rooftops
  17. Protodome – Blueberry Jam!
  18. MONACA – 生マレ出ヅル意思
  19. Nobuhiro Takahashi – イニシエノウタ / アンドロイド (NieR Gestalt & NieR RepliCant)
  20. Manaka Kataoka, Yasuaki Iwata – Kakariko Village (Day)
  21. Hiroki Morishita; Takeru Kanazaki; Yasuhisa Baba; Rei Kondoh; Masato Kouda – Where the Light Shines
  22. Hiroki Morishita – 「Id」 ~ Purpose
  23. Hiroki Morishita – if ~One’s Thoughts~
  24. Jake Kaufman, Tommy Pedrini – The Impresario (Opera Sequence)
  25. zircon, Jillian Aversa, AeroZ – Till We Meet Again (Aria de Mezzo Carattere)
  26. T-Square – Forgotten Saga
  27. Hiroki Morishita – What if…

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