Radio OverCoat #214 (2016-12-28): awfully bold of you to fly the Good Year blimp on a year that has been extremely bad thus far


Back at it again at Krispy Kreme 8BitX with another show. I unfortunately didn’t get a lot of prep time for this one, but I wanted to get one more set in before the end of 2016! This one’s only an hour set, but I think it’s still pretty good, even if it’s really short. Getting used to the new DJing software now, think I have a pretty good workflow going. Read on for the full playlist, and happy new year!

  1. The Immortals – Techno Syndrome (NICKELPUNK remix)
  2. machinae supremacy – player one
  3. animal Cannon – Axis
  4. Dya – Homecoming
  5. Maxo – Cocoa
  6. starRo – I Wish Feat Jonah4lyfe
  7. FN2/Cocoa – ANGEL LOVER
  8. 鼻そうめんP – Youthful Days’ Graffiti (Extended Mix)
  9. Cheap Dinosaurs – Easter Island
  10. The Dukes Of Stratosphear – Chips from the chocolate fireball/The Dukes Of Stratosphear – Little Lighthouse
  11. mellogear – Whiterun (TESV: Skyrim)
  12. Breakbeat Heartbeat – In my front room
  13. HASYMO – Everybody Had a Hard Year

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