Radio OverCoat 2015-12-06: I Gotta Find Out Who Kill My Planet


Greets guys! I’m back after taking a break for some Sekai Project work, and I got a lot of new awesome music to play since 2 weeks ago. First up I wanna link the 2015 Weekly Treats compilation album with a staggering 91 tracks released throughout the year. It’s free, it’s amazing, go get it on Weekly Treats’ Bandcamp page. In other news Shirobon put out a teaser for his upcoming album, a single free track called “Out of Love.” Near the end of the show I played 3 tracks from a new album recommended to me, “Fugue State” by Vulfpeck. I’m saving the Christmas in L.A. track for a show closer to Christmas! I also got a hold of the soundtrack for the new Wii U RPG, Xenoblade Chronicles X, which if you haven’t heard Hiroyuki Sawano’s soundtrack for the game, it’s incredible! I play a few of the songs at the beginning of this show. Read on for the full playlist:

  1. Toshinobu Kubota – Such A Funky Thang! ~隕石が落ちた日~
  2. Hiroyuki Sawano – Black tar
  3. Hiroyuki Sawano – NLA Shuuhen
  4. Hiroyuki Sawano – Uncontrollable
  5. Shirobon – Out Of Love
  6. Memme – NoodleHolic
  7. arcon – Primula
  8. Auxcide – Micronova
  9. Street Fever – Touch
  10. Troxum – Nomad Planet
  11. AutoReMi-PK – Cherry Blossom Blade
  12. Kano Hisashikai – Take Me to the Beach
  13. Jonny Classic & The Classic John – INACTIVE ACTION THEME
  14. Chipocrite – Special Win
  15. DJ NECOJITA – Kiriban Getter
  16. chill – Second Banana
  17. Vulfpeck – Fugue State
  18. Vulfpeck – Newsbeat
  19. Vulfpeck – Sky Mall
  20. Kano Hisashikai – Shutter Chance
  21. Jonny Classic & The Classic John – Cosmic Dancer (T-Rex Cover)
  22. 高橋幸宏 – Betsu-Ni
  23. ilkae –
  24. Zimpzon – Perfect Place
  25. Hiroyuki Sawano – Kuro no Tairiku
  26. toonlink – Thank You, Iwata

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