Radio OverCoat 2015-06-07: JNCOat


Tonight I was in one of those moods for chillin’ out to some oldschool house, funk, and ambient. I also played a lot of Sonic music for whatever reason. Tonight featured music from Slime Girls, Babe, PinkOmega, Oceaán, C-Jeff, and I closed with a great tune from Lake Markham. Read on for the full playlist:

Yoshiki Fukuyama – Macross

Toshinobu Kubota – Let’s Get A Groove 〜Yo! Hips〜

Joshua Morse – Samurai Discotheque

Tesla Boy – Broken Doll (Pioneerball Remix)

Richard Jacques – Work It Out [Red Raw Mix]

椎名林檎 – 丸の内サディスティック (neetskills remix)

TFON_Scarlet feat.Alyssa – Nordkapp

Slime Girls – LONELY PLANET GIRL [clover & sealife graduation mix]

Sabrepulse – Pamelas Workout

Babe – The Warbling

hunz – The Messenger

mitch murder – Melting Point

Hellberg feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff – The Girl (C-jeff Remix)

Oceaán – Veritas

PinkOmega – Dumplings

SONIC TEAM – Palmtree Panic

SONIC TEAM – Wacky Workbench

hunz – Owl Highway

GEOTHEORY – Don’t Stop

Setec – Water Or Concrete

Telefon Tel Aviv – john thomas on the inside is nothing but foam

Oceaán – At Your Feet

Slime Girls – LONELY PLANET GIRL 2: Beautiful Dreamer [bansheebeat ‘My Sanctuary’ rework]

Lake Markham – Lazarus

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