Radio OverCoat 2015-05-03: Rippin’ Pepperoni


Nothing much in the way of new tunes this week, but we did get a treat from Marshall Art and AutoReMi-PK this week from Weeklytreats! You definitely can’t pass this one up! There’s also a new Mitch Murder cover of Knight Rider that you need to check out. It’s presumably a byproduct of his collaboration with The ‘Hoff for the Kung Fury OST. Read on for this week’s full playlist:

Marshall Art – The Lost Art

Claude D. – Les Cuisses de Grenouilles: Manouche mashup

Ivan Hakstok – Star Warts Episode V

Rockman Navarro – 08 Stay – Rockman Navarro

virt – Sorcerors Battle

Starcadian – Alien Victory

For Astronauts and Satellites – Exoplanet

Mitch Murder – Knight Rider Theme

Kouji Makaino – Mr. Dandy

マクロスMACROSS 82-99 – 水TEMPLES

Brian Zentz – Floating Point

Carl Cox – Put Your Hands Up

Taishi – Ehrenweg

Lix – White Ark 3 (Gaia Mix)

Kenichi Chiba – Twilight Avenue

Logic System – 07 – Clash(Chinjyu Of Sun)

Tesla Boy – Another Light

칵스(The Koxx) – Oriental Girl

xerxes – qaisers groove

starRo – Secret

sleepy town manufacture – latatoo

Transient – Plain Jane

Sunjammer – I Understand Now

lackluster – starcell u.k.

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