Radio OverCoat 2015-01-18: Here Come the Heroes


Tonight I am very excited to say that I won’t be able to do a show next week. Why am I excited? Because I’ll be busy attending MAGFest, the Music and Gaming Festival, in National Harbor, MD. Tonight’s playlist was comprised entirely of musical acts that will be playing throughout the weekend. Read on for the full playlist and get hyped!

Yu Miyake – Lovely Angel

Yu Miyake, Masayuki Tanaka – Katamari on the Rock ~ Main Theme


Machinae Supremacy – Player One

Stemage – High Roller (ft VikingGuitar)

The Megas – I Want To Be The One (To Watch You Die)

LONELYROLLINGSTARS – The Laffer Monologues (ft. Hat) [Leisure Suit Larry]

Cheap Dinosaurs – Gnip Gnop

VikingGuitar – Dimension-Reversing Dualities (Reprise)

Mega Ran – Infinite Lives (Feat. D&D Sluggers)

machinae supremacy & SounDemoN – kings of the scene

Solarbear – How To Properly Write An Exclusive

Dj CUTMAN – Maxo – Tope Doge (Dj CUTMANs Cub Club Remix)


crashfaster – closer

an0va – President Hoodie’s Theme

Roboctopus – Tidal Bout

Random – Faculty Lounge (REMIX) f/Donwill, Sammus and Homeboy Sandman

Danimal Cannon – Apparently This Game Has Music

Benjamin Briggs – Flight of the Battery (Sonic & Knuckles)

Marshall Art – Ready for Prime Time, Bitch (Nightmare on Elm Street)

an0va – It’s Only A Doghouse Right?

Yu Miyake, Katamari Company Jr. – Cherry Blossom Color Season

Cheap Dinosaurs – Stroll

Chromelodeon – Polygon Sun

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