Radio OverCoat 2014-12-21: The Illinight, The Squeaky Chair, and Scenes From a Gray Cosmos


Tonight I was finally able to get back on after 2 weeks and play Ubik’s new album, Scenes From a Gray Cosmos! It’s only $3 and is the perfect soundtrack for your Doom .wad. I also had a mischievous hidden cohost who was very quiet while I played some chiptunes from the latest Chiptune + Charity 6 Bundle, which you really should pick up here from Groupees! It’s got about 3 days left. Also played some new Starcadian, Ray Majick, Dr. Syntax, and ilkae! Read on for the full playlist:

Ubik – 01 – I Am In This World From Another That Has Been Burned

Ubik – 02 – The Third Childhood of Anthony Conchshell

Dr. Syntax – Pete Cannon Sings the Hits

Dubmood – Solitude

Dj CUTMAN – Maxo – Tope Doge (Dj CUTMANs Cub Club Remix)

John Carpenter – Vortex: Night Of The Comet (Starcadian Remix)

Dubmood – Simple Machine

Ray Majick – Wednesday

Bright Primate – Linux and Lucy

Lix – Home Port R8

Tesla Boy – Dream Machine (Cable Toy Remix) (Bonus Track)

abru – YM2612Love

Dubmood – Simple Machine (MisfitChris Remix)

Dr. Syntax – Meltdown

Ray Majick, Daft Punk – Something About Us (Ray Majick Remix)

ilkae – vinegar (ii)

ubik – the sickness of the new wolf

ubik – chasm people

ubik – the finery of the storm

ubik – winter pageant

ubik – downlord

ubik – every day is damage

ubik – lowerator

Ubik – Four Mullet Tire (Bonus Track)

Herb Alpert – Rise

blitz lunar – 12 bar bloops.nsf


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