Radio OverCoat 2014-11-30: What’s the Deal with Radio OverCoat?


This week I played some great tunes from the Telefuture Now label that I hadn’t gotten to feature on my playlists yet, specifically The New Flesh by Garth Knight, Waveshaper’s The Sounds that Kill, and Nowtro’s After Dark. Also played that new TeddyLoid song, ME!ME!ME! from that music video everyone’s talking about [warning: video is nsfw]. Another cool new thing I played is ELO: The Video Game OST put out by Pterodactyl Squad last month, and it’s a free DL so check it out, plus all the other awesome stuff on that site. They’ve had at least 2 or 3 new releases since putting out that album. Work Drugs has also made all their albums free/PWYW since last Friday, so grab them up now in case they change their mind, and support them if you like their music! Read on for tonight’s full playlist:

Abelard – ☆SEINWAVE☆2000☆ What’s the deal with airline food?

Animal Style – Stage Select (Evil Woman)

popcorn_10 – horizons

Michael Jackson – Remember the Time (TeddyLoid  FOR EVER Remix)

Metroid Metal – The Tunnel (Metroid II)

Metroid Metal – M2Q (M2)

Garth Knight – The New Flesh

Danimal Cannon – Metal MOAI (Heavy)

MandraSigma – Pandoras Box

RunFoxRun – Goodnight Dial-up (Maxo Plasmamix)

TeddyLoid – ME!ME!ME! (Feat Daoko)


she – tokyo nights

ИΔΤVИ – Bae City Rollaz(Ft  YUNG BAE)

n1k-o – dVlpein

Omodaka – Kokiriko Bushi

blitz lunar – Ulterior Boss Battle

Tony Thai – Coast 4

Work Drugs – Pluto

MandraSigma – Cryogenesis

lyrical school – ひとりぼっちのラビリンス (TYO LONELY GIRL MIX)

Nowtro – Technoir

Marshall Art – Stage C (The Whale)

MandraSigma – Zombie Circuits

Waveshaper – Survival (feat. Robert Parker)

Danimal Cannon – Fly to Paradise (Paradise Lost Mix)

Nowtro – Midnight Ride

Work Drugs – Delta

King Keytan – Staff Roll (Mr. Blue Sky)

arcadecoma. – Game Over (Don’t Bring Me Down)

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