Radio OverCoat 2014-11-23: Newarkwave


The triumphant return of a scheduled Radio OverCoat! I moved my show time to Sundays at 10 PM Eastern/7 Pacific, to cooperate with my new work schedule. I also have been out for a while, so I had a TON of new music to play! First off, grab the new DKC Mix’t Ape ’94 from Big Mat Attacks Presents! Then, grab the somewhat new FAMIFOOD by Protodome. Then you want Starcadian’s new Saturdaze album, and don’t forget to grab Tesla Boy’s new album of remixes from The Universe Made of Darkness. That sure was a lot to take in, wasn’t it? Read on for the full playlist:

Tesla Boy – Keyboards & Synths

Starcadian – Dance Or Die

Hudson Mohawke – 100HM

Marshall Art – My Monkey Drives a Maserati

Tesla Boy – Stars (Killy Cakes Remix)

Nadus – Sharpe James

StatueOfDiveo – I Want to Be Your Friend

Falcxne – First Time

Janet Jackson – Someone To Call My Lover (Jeftuz remix)

Ticklish – Rescue Me

Tesla Boy – Fantasy (Pioneerball Remix)

Parks Burton – Lemon Lime

lobsterdust – Anaconda Action

PROTODOME – Butterscotch Blues

Starcadian – Supersymmetry

Astronaut – Quantum (Virtual Riot Remix)

Malmen – Heartbleed

Kartmaze – Gridhawk Commando

FearofDark – Nials [IT]

tinyd0g – surph hands

Anderson Paak – Right There

Tony Thai – KartTune (SPC Echoes)


FearofDark – Absolute Zero [IT]

Miguel – Sure Thing (Scientific Remix)

Isaac Schankler – Generative Music Doodad Test  1

Lucki Eck$ – 4:16 AM

The Nate Horsfall Experience (ft Elliot Wernlund, Detective Tuesday) – Shine On You Crazy Hot-Head

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