Radio OverCoat 2014-05-14: Drive Slow, Hoenn


Tonight I played some awesome chiptunes from a lot of talented people! They came together to celebrate Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire and made an album called Hoenn Week Never Ends! Check it out if you like trumpets. Also, to end the show I played this awesome mix from ta-ku that I discovered today. You can also download that mix for free. Also I awkwardly tried to plug my Patreon page, which you can find here. Read on for the full playlist:

Tesla Boy – Split

Maxo – Overture to Hoenn Week

kfaraday – Town of New Roots

DimWiddy – Mountain of Redemption

commandycan – Rocky Road Rotunda

kfaraday – Lavaridge Geyser

Skyleo – Hoenn’s Ocean

Maxo – Fortree Woods

Fearofdark – Secret Forest Shrine

stinkbug – Lakeview Marsh

Maxo – Battle! Champion Maxo

Aaron Ishibashi – Waltz for Hoenn

Zackery Wilson – For Muk’s Sake (Hoenn Week Never Ends)

virt – Bubble Bath Aftermath

Petriform – Illicit GP

Mitch Murder – Ocean Avenue

Best Drops Ever – Da Funky Kong

iamamiwhoami – Idle Talk

Death In June – Death Of The West

Glutamine – Remote_Control

ランコ – Flight on deep time


Ta-ku – Drive Slow Homie Pt. II

Death in June – But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter?

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