Radio OverCoat 2014-05-07: From the Future


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Neil Cicierega – Mullet with Butterfly Wings

Yoann Turpin – Taïkonaut Love

Neil Cicierega – Full Mouth

Neil Cicierega – Alanis

vendekabyte – Lambert’s Gun

Gavin and Marshall Parker – Null Sheen

Hiroki Kikuta – 3.14159265

Vox Vulgaris – La Suite Meurtr駻e

Hiroki Kikuta – Love of Seven Dolls

Yoann Turpin – Hip GBoy

vendekabyte – Remue-Méninges

iamamiwhoami – vista

mitch murder – From the Future

Neil Cicierega – Vivid Memories Turn to Fantasies

Tennyson – You’re Cute

memme – Unison System

Knife Party vs. Ed Bogas – Cheetahnet Friends

Neil Cicierega – No Credit Card

zantilla – Spaghetti Stompin’ in my Ragtime Boots

PUSHER – Islands, Waves, Caves, & Sky

Gavin and Marshall Parker – No Return

Fucking Awesome feat. cats – Hi

Jeroen Tel – RoboCop 3

Russell Lieblich – Howard the Duck

vendekabyte – Satellaview Sky

cTrix – Final Flight

Vektroid – Dusk at Temple Amiga

Yasunori Mitsuda vs watson – Schala Syndrome! – I Didn’t Talk To Schala Again Today

Neil Cicierega – Like Tears in Chocolate Rain

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