Radio OverCoat 2014-04-12: Yo Check Out My Mixtape


Hi everybody! I’m back, and I have fresh tracks! I received 1 (one) gift of Permutation EP to share with you all, so I played that on the show tonight. Fell in love with both tracks instantly. The EP is only $5 so snag it on that Bandcamp link there. MmcM also released a ZX Spectrum album via Ubiktune called The Blossoming Years that you should check out as well. In Neil Cicierega news, there’s this thing. Also, thanks to smh, I discovered a cool vaporwave thing from MKULTRA called In Limbo, Silent Dream which is a free download worth checking out. Other than that I played some various future bass, trap, and chiptune stuff tonight. Read on for the full playlist:

Your Text Spoken – Me And My Vape Crew (Look At Dat Cloud)

Ronnie Stone & The Lonely Riders – Kiss The Daddy

gnossdrawkcab – Roots

+tek – Silver Lining

Neil Cicierega – Bustin

an0va – RC PRO JAM

an0va – Telephone Explosions (Invalids)

Invalids – RC PRO JAM (an0va)

Invalids – Telephone Explosions

DBOYD – Memories Of Green (Cover)

Street Cleaner – Snatcher – One Night in Neo Kobe City

Le Matos – Light Again (feat Electric Youth)

Dr. Saturn – Your Text Spoken – Celery (EXTREME EDITION)

Scattle – Remorse (Carpenter Brut Remix)

Lazerhawk – Dangerous After Dark

MmcM – A Bit of Fantasy

Le Cassette – 1-UP

coda – Gao Generation

Malmen – Cheese Brickwall

+tek – Survive

aivi & surasshu – Steven Universe – Return To The Beach/Jasper

Jeftuz – Girl

Le Matos – Kiyoko

Street Cleaner – Unsolved Mysteries

Chet Faker – Talk Is Cheap (starRo Remix)

Stwo – Syrup

MKULTRA – Memories

gnossdrawkcab – Spots

Street Cleaner – Macho Thang feat. Macho Man Randy Savage

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