Radio OverCoat 2014-04-09: Other Album and Other Albums


Three new albums just dropped! Check them out: (Free/Name Your Price) ($1+) ($6+)

Read on for the full playlist:

Sexualized Omochao – Suck Your Boulders

A_Rival – Stick Chucker – Stage 2

memme – UnityChan

Tony Thai – Rise ‘n’ Shine (NSF version)

Tony Thai – Rise ‘n’ Shine (Live Version)

Kommisar – Paprika

Metroid Metal – Sector 1 (MF)

Metroid Metal – Torvus Bog (MP2)

Metroid Metal – Tallon Overworld (MP)

Metroid Metal – Sector 4 (MF)

Metroid Metal – The Brood (SM)

Metroid Metal – M2Q (M2)

Metroid Metal – Maridia (SM)

Metroid Metal – Autobot Decepticon Battle (Transformers: The Movie)

Jillian Aversa – Shadows

Goat Simulator OST – 8-bit Style Super Happy Version

D Fast – Froggie’s trip (to the edge of the world)

smh – buddy holly

Diode Milliampere – PCM – TRIODE

Tesla Boy – Dream Machine

Lazerhawk – These Streets

Broadcast – In Here The World Begins

doxic – winters glare

Sunjammer – I Understand Now

lackluster – 07/10/99

xerxes – arctica

doxic – dont rain on my lilypad

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