Radio OverCoat 2014-01-22: Everybody Had a Hard ÿ



David Bowie feat. Moonbase Alpha – Moonbase Oddity

iamamiwhoami – fountain

Yasushi Ishii – Soul Rescuer

GeckoYamori – Work it (RetroHouse Mix)

Jake Kaufman – Final Palace

Hiroki Kikuta – PICO PULSE Chiptune for Dead Microprocessor RP2A03

zircon – Sunshower

Rekcahdam Ft. Kill Bill & Scuare – In The Kitchen

Juan Linietsky – Kitty in The Clouds

Seathasky – Sleever

HASYMO – Everybody Had a Hard Year

planet boelex – suunta

ilkae – magnesium

Lazerhawk – The Looks that Kill

GeckoYamori – Super Metroid for Sega Genesis

Alex Roe – Mass Effect Series (Super Metroid)

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