Radio OverCoat 2014-01-15: BOMBAH!


Today to commemorate me getting my Macross Heroines figures, I decided to use the first hour of the show to play all Macross music! The 2nd half of the show is full of awesome Comiket 85 music from Diverse System, pastyle, and Levo Lution! Read on for the full playlist:

Arthur Brown – Fire

Megumi Nakajima – Watashi no Kare wa Pilot -MISS MACROSS 2059-

Fire Bomber – Diamond Calling

Yoko Kanno – Idol Talk

Sharon Apple – Information High

Sheryl Nome starring May’n – Diamond Crevasse

Fire Bomber – My Friends

Yoko Kanno – VOICES (Acoustic version)


Mari Iijima – カWョノェナュnカ・キR ニcニ鏞Mニ・eヌ@

Quad City DJs vs Takenobu Mitsuyoshi – Spacetona JAM – King of Slam

Ryo Nakamura – Coastal Flow

Tomohiko Togashi – Listless (Protllusion Remix)

oCaU – out of control

NaiveDog – Love

Nhato – Voices (cYsmix Remix)

LAZ – Mental Conflict

LAZ | oiko – Mental Conflict (oiko Remix)

LAZ | ziki_7 – Mental Conflict (ziki_7 Remix)

LAZ – Try Again

Lix – Ion Collision

Lix – Home Port R8

Lix – Over^3 Kill (1043 Progressive Mix)

Super Square – Skin Blackhead (Kanye West Black Skinhead Remix)

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