Radio OverCoat 2013-11-06: Down, Tempo


This week’s show is a bit more laid back, I just want to relax, so let’s play some fun music and then some ambient, idm, and trip hop! Read on for the full playlist:

Shing02 – Love You Like Water

ilkae – outfoxing a unicorn

Disasterpeace – Ensis

mitch murder – mute city

aivi & surasshu – Lonely Rolling Star (Missing You)

Miami Nights 1984 – Ocean Drive

betsy coates – on now

Tesla Boy – Fire

nakinyko – Poolside Identity

Kouji Makaino – Mr. Dandy

Perturbator – Sexualizer (feat. Flash Arnold)

shibayan – Neon

Matt Drouin – Super Metroid Energy Tank OC ReMix

削除 – Fell Out of the World

Perfume – MY COLOR

nayuta – Purple TriBerry


Transient – Droplets

Disasterpeace – Majesty

Thomas Jerome Newton – Friashift

むた・リリィ – Encounter for parting

aivi & surasshu – Pocket Universe

mosaik – pillow dance

efsisos Featuring Samus Aran – Metroid efsisos feat Samus Aran OC ReMix

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