Radio OverCoat 2013-08-14: Arecibo’s Big Honking 4th Birthday



aivi & surasshu – Lonely Rolling Star (Missing You)

Danimal Cannon – Roots

Inverse Phase – Head Like I/O

zircon – Million Years (ft. Chris Gordon)

virt – Noise Channel Theme (Full Mix)

Stemage – 60 (ft Disasterpeace)

Disasterpeace – Adventure

Shnabubula – II Welcome to the Games

ランコ – ゲノム味

Clean Tears – Reverberations – Intro

Clean Tears – Reverberations

DJ Noriken – Angel’s Ladder

nadeco;miso PLANet – Let There Be Light

Clean Tears – Inverse Relation

chibi-tech – Love is Insecurable (live)

ランコ – さる

Falcom Sound Team jdk – 砂の城

削除 – QuaQ

椎名治美 – The Ground Nirvana [悪魔城伝説・Bigining(教会、町、墓場)]

TQ-Jam – Jam Jam

baker – 明日になればまた続く

sasakure.UK – Mebius feat. ピリオ

Falcom Sound Team jdk – QUATERA WOODS

A-dash – Good search for things [MOTHER・pollyanna(序盤フィールド)]

ランコ – ティラミス・カウボーイ

dixie flatline feat.はるよ – 旅人のうた -old school mix-

baker – 奪い想うフタリ

sasakure.UK – idと人類模型 feat. lasah

削除 – Collapse

Die Hard Cafe – Casual Friday

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