Radio OverCoat 2013-04-17: My Conquest is the Pilgrim Moon


Sorry about the absence of a show last week guys, the Icecast server we use for the live stream completely died, and doing an offline show is boring, so there was no show last week. It is, however, back this week, and I had a handful of new releases to show off! First off we have new Form & Shape, “My Conquest is the Sea of Stars,” which is available for $2+. Additionally, we have a new Bit_Rat release called “Scotia Nova” and an album from Ubik called “Pilgrim Moon.” I also played a set of C64 tunes at the start. Read on for the full playlist:

細野晴臣 – ファイアークラッカー

Michal Hoffmann (Randall) – Boys Without Dicks Unite

Michal Hoffmann (Randall) – Ex State of Mind

Michal Hoffmann (Randall) – I’ll Be a Pimp in Cabrini Green

Martin Nordell (Maktone) – Class05

Thomas E. Petersen (Laxity) – The Alibi

Thomas Mogensen (DRAX) – Cycles

Jeroen Tel – RoboCop 3

zabutom – guile’s theme

Bit_Rat – Shark Week

Bit_Rat – This Machine Destroys Everything

Bit_Rat – Scotia Nova

Form & Shape – Linear

Form & Shape – No Verses Of Hatred

Form & Shape – Ascend

Form & Shape – Take Care Of Yourself

Ubik – Mere Anarchy (Ghosts & Goblins)

Ubik – Ash Land

Ubik – Dark Travelers

Ubik – Chronic Trigger: 420AD

zircon – Colossus

Danimal Cannon – The Big Crunch

cybermiso – PID

CheapyD – Ass & Tetris (You Forgot Poland)

Capsule – More More More


Megumi Nakajima – Ninjiin Loves you yeah!

Tesla Boy – Electric Lady (ODahl Remix)

S.S.T. Band – After Burner (Version II)

T-Square – Prime

Asturias – Voice From Darkness

Iamamiwhoami – B

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