Radio OverCoat 2013-02-13: Strawberry Feels Forever


Gargaj – Rude Awakening

Triple-Q – Pull Over (That Metal Too Fast)

Rick Vodicka – CLEAN and HEAVY [16-Bit\Liaison D\Rhythm Device\Tragic Error]

Baauer – Harlem Shake

Pajjama – Moistette

Pajjama – Sunny & sour

Pajjama – Pachinko devil

Pajjama – Keiba

Pajjama – Salty price

DDRKirby(ISQ) – Touhou Chireiden: Subterranean Animism ‘Lullaby of Flame’ OC ReMix



Reed Richards – Uncovering Static

Kouji Makaino – Remember

Memme – UDUD

Darren Styles – Dropzone (Bonkers Mix)

Ubik – Mere Anarchy (Ghosts & Goblins)

M-H – Men of Destiny (Genesis)

Memme – S2TB recording.Astronomas

The Rippingtons – Kenya

T-Square – Prime

Cosmos – Yours Is My Heart

PROTODOME – New York Cheesecake.

Le Matos – 88mph (Video Edit)

Lazerhawk – So Far Away

Tesla Boy – Minsk-2

Darren Korb – In Case of Trouble

Prologue – Door To The Easy Hapiness

Yoko Kanno – Origa – Inner Universe

Nosaj Thing – Lords

transient – fvzzbvster

TrueStar – Elmo

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