Radio OverCoat 2012-12-05: The Crunchiest Nuts


RIP Dave Brubeck. Tonight I started the show with a wonderful mashup of Radiohead and Dave Brubeck called “Five Step,” which is one of my favorite mashups ever, also . I also had some new chiptunes from RushJet1’s new album “Mega Man 3 Remade” and Roboctopus’ new EP called “Tidal Bout.” Both of these are offered for a good price so you better check them out! I also got a surprise from Abducted by Sharks DURING the show, a new track emailed to me to play on the show so I obliged, of course. Read on for tonight’s full playlist:

Dave Brubeck vs Radiohead – Five Step

RushJet1 – Logos

RushJet1 – Title

RushJet1 – Stage Select

RushJet1 – Stage Start

RushJet1 – Snake Man

RushJet1 – Gemini Man

RushJet1 – Spark Man

RushJet1 – Password

The Protomen – Keep Quiet

NU SHOOZ – I Just Wanna Talk About You

Thomas E. Petersen (Laxity ) – The Alibi

EPROM – Sun Death

Roboctopus – Still Life With Ghosts

Miami Nights 1984 – Streets On Fire

Abducted By Sharks – Trial

Mazedude – Martian Commando

Dave Brubeck – Give a Little Whistle (Pinocchio )

Yellow Magic Orchestra – 1000 Knives

Asturias – Silent Tears: Cyber Transmission

Yoko Kanno – Fish ~ Silent Cruise

jaxx – Origin of Mass

Roboctopus – Underwater on the Moon

【きゃりーめぐめぐ】CANDY CANDY

Perfume – Spring of Life

線形ネコ型システム – マッシュルーム戦争

Darren Styles & Gammer – – You & I (Rhythmics’ Riff Edit )

JAKAZiD – Donk Español

satella – Dissonante

livetune – Panorama Future (instrumental )

David Sylvian – Forbidden Colours

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