Radio OverCoat 2012-10-10: 10/10 Would Listen Again


Tonight I featured tracks from Yerzmyey’s new album off Ubiktune, called “Strange Light Under My Bed.” Read on for the full playlist:

Abducted By Sharks – Enter the Lion God

Yerzmyey – Noise Reduction

Rolly Mingwald – Sleepover (Up All Night )

Tesla Boy – Synchronizing

icechoir – bounding

EPROM – Floating Palace


【初音ミク】 Quantum Entanglement 【ミックンベースオリジナル】

MAYA AKAI – Hydrangea

Nhato – Voices

月代 彩 – Higgs Boson

Abducted By Sharks – System Failure

Chromelodeon – Higgeldy Piggeldy

칵스(The Koxx ) – Fire Fox

Yerzmyey – Enormous Magnitude

Asturias – Castle In The Mist

T-Square – Miss you

Skrillex vs Quad City DJs – Bangaduel

Cornelius – Cue

Current 93 – The Return To Their Earth

ACIDMAN – Ride the wave

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