Radio OverCoat 2012-09-26: Bundle Up With Ubiktune


The Ubiktune “Bundledragon” Bundle‘s time is almost up, so I gave one last push so that people can hear this music, because it’s absolutely amazing. Early on in this week’s show I played one song from each album in the bundle in a row. After that I played some assorted other good music, like Telefuture’s latest release from Rolly Mingwald, and the new TWRP EP, highly recommended stuff. Read on for the full playlist.

Danimal Cannon – Roots

Yoann Turpin – Taïkonaut Love

coda – Report 2: Fusou

Maxo – Dragon Ball / Hokuto no Ken

subPixel – Close Rain (chip )

zabutom – The legend of Zeta Force

Shnabubula – Eye Trickle Scuba Wagon

Danimal Cannon – Synergy (ft. Paul Wardingham, Shnabubula, and Tony Dickinson )

Taishi – The Survivor

Perfume – レーザービーム (Album-mix )


TWRP – The No Pants Dance

Rolly Mingwald – Missed Call

Cornelius – Clash

hunz – Owl Highway

TWRP – Computer Wife

virt – mariopaint – que rico el mono

Chromelodeon – Triangular

Yoann Turpin – Hip GBoy

Rolly Mingwald – For The Winner

hunz – Neon

Nhato – Voices

Asturias – Silent Tears: Cyber Transmission

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