Radio OverCoat 2012-09-05: A Little Too Relaxing


So this week I discovered I can actually make a playlist that is SO RELAXING that I almost put myself to sleep. Oops! The DVNO woke me up at least. Here’s some links to valuable free music that I played this week

Read on for the playlist:

kaneel – Le chat rose

WINDOZE98 – Dreams

Coil – Ostia (The death of Pasolini )

Dennis – Opening the Sealed Gate/Boarding the Phantom Train

Tennen-sozai – Maid To Order – Remix

Machinae Supremacy – Soundtrack to The Rebellion

Flutterspot – Cumulonimbus arcus

WINDOZE98 – Let Me Out

Shnabubula – Hands of Fate

Abducted By Sharks – Murder By Death – Shark Brave (Abducted By Sharks Cover )

Busta Rhymes – Get Off My Block

桃井はるこ – Sex and Violence

datassette – eyeballs and elbows

Transient – Droplets

xerxes – Lo-fi Beauty

Susumu Yokota – Deep In Mist

WINDOZE98 – Hope

Valzi – I Nvr <3 U (original chip mix )

Groovemaster303 – Magnetic Fusion

Justice – DVNO

DigitalNativeDance – Bal Harbour Shakedown

WINDOZE98 – Horizons

kaneel – Yoyo de vivre

Starrysea – Mudanenle

Alex Roe – Mass Effect Series (Super Metroid )

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