Radio OverCoat 2012-07-25: Makeout Session


Tonight features new music from Jonas Reinhardt and Garth Knight! You can download the Jonas Reinhardt song I played tonight FREE here, and the Garth Knight album is of course available on Telefuture, pay what you want. I also featured tracks from Tyler Heath’s 2010 album [which is new to me!] “Let It Go” available here. Read on for the full playlist!

Garth Knight – Intro

Garth Knight – Overdrive

Quad City DJs vs Isaac Schankler – Slamalogue: A Jam Story

Jonas Reinhardt – Foam Fangs

Garth Knight – The Babylon

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Taiso

Dee! – Lo-Bit Toy Box

Abducted By Sharks – Ice That Fool [Master]

Tyler Heath – You Did This To Yourself

Death In June – Winter Eagle

Current 93 – Sad Go Round

DECO*27 – ‘bye-bye’ by my 愛

Garth Knight – Juggernaut

Starscream – Galeforce

Chromelodeon – Aluminum

FM ATTACK – Dreamer

chibi-tech – gaze at my sour cream burrito

Garth Knight – Alpha

40mP feat. GUMI – キリトリセン

Tyler Heath – Hours

buzzG – 赤い雨

Shing02 – Love You Like Water

Disasterpeace – Progress

Yellow Magic Orchestra – La Femme Chinoise

Infinity Shred – Pathfinder

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