Radio OverCoat 2012-05-16: Uguu Anime Song


Uguu! Today I played everything from Momus to Eri Kawai, made computer sounds with my voice, and pulled a pretty hilarious boner midway into the show. Read on for the full playlist!

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Tighten Up

jester – stardust memories

T-Square and Friends – Heaven Knows

Haruomi Hosono – Body Snatchers

Momus – The Penis Song

〆G (自由空間.net ) – Splash blue (Closed Remix ) [SplashWomanStage Rockman9]


red – computer

unknown – odyssey-part2 [downloaded from Music Channel BBS! (203-646-3058 )]

Trio Tetris – Kappahalli

zircon – Depth Charge

capsule – Never Let Me Go

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Cosmic Surfin’ (re-mastering )

gloom – blockparty09_invtro

skyline – 8-bit kids with dreams

virt – Love Foolosophy Chip

capsule – Feelin’ Alright

Cornelius – Another View Point

Eri Kawai – ALMATERIA ~Vocal Mix~

TaNaBaTa – Cirno Cirno Cirno

Transient – Time Slips Away

zebra – Trailing Beauty’s Shade

Alistair Johnson feat. Sacha Williamson – Invitation

Disasterpeace – Adventure

ACIDMAN – calm


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