Radio OverCoat 2012-04-11: Unerf’d


My old friend, Andrew Aversa, aka zircon,  released a new album recently. I played most of it on the show tonight, as well as favorites from a recently revived Stalking Duppi blog, which focuses on extremely obscure Japanese music from the 1980s. Had to play some stuff also from a new Ubiktune release, “I Miss You – Earthbount 2012,” unfortunately overshadowed by releases of a monolithic stature both before and after its release. Also caught up a bit with iamamiwhoami, a favorite experimental synth band of mine. Read on for the full playlist below.


iamamiwhoami – sever

zircon – Devil’s Spirit

칵스(The Koxx ) – Fire Fox

ProjectDolphin – Airship Stage

T-Square – Megalith

Mormo – Tenbub

Shannon Mason (Pongball ) – Ninefield

iamamiwhoami – play

NON baNd – あわのうた~Bap Pang


zircon – Firewall

RushJet1 – Tenguman Stage (Back to 2a03 mix ) from Rockman 8

zircon – Dark Drifting

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Nice Age

NON baNd – Dance Song

zircon – Just Hold On (feat. Jillian Aversa )

Asturias – Cyber Transmission

ProjectDolphin – Mana Palace Medley

sleepytimejesse – Unidentified Flying Object

zircon – Shadows (feat. Jillian Aversa )

Takami – 現身のエーリス

zircon – Planetscape

Joshua Morse – Battle Against A Strange Enemy

Pale Cocoon – Laboratory Under the Blue Sky

zircon – Star Trails (Emotion Mix )

sleepytimejesse – New Scaraba Bazaar

zircon – Above the City

Pale Cocoon – Toy Box

zircon – Over Easy

machinae supremacy & SounDemoN – kings of the scene

Takami – 夕暮れ

zircon – Scars of the Past

Nosaj Thing – Nightcrawler

Haruomi Hosono – Ether Vibes

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