Radio OverCoat 2012-03-21: OverCoat WORXXX


Today, the main feature of the show was that I played some tracks from the awesome new Capsule album. I also went through some old forgotten favorites like Psilodump, hunz, and others, and played two tracks off the 1989 “MOTHER” album, featuring arranged versions of the Mother soundtrack! Read on for the full playlist.

Matt Creamer – Local News – 1.04

Louis Philippe – Flying Man

capsule – Feelin’ Alright

Psilodump – Jag Minns Inte (Album Version )

kb – Candytron

Soul Coughing – Murder of Lawyers in Overcoats

Niyaz – Tamana (Acoustic )

Haruomi Hosono – Andadura

Catherine Warwick – Pollyanna (I believe in you )

Lyzell – YU-NO 「始動(危機 )」

capsule – All The Way

hunz – you should never change

Psilodump – Psilodumputer

capsule – Motor Force

miu – Phon

Joshua Morse – The Naga of the Sunken City

capsule – Never Let Me Go

G-Schmitt – Future Daze

Xerxes & Phoenix – Fight Fear With Hope

Sternschnuppe – EVE burst error 「Day(Kojiroh )」

capsule – Transparent

Kodak To Graph – Zagroz

Nujabes – Letter From Yokosuka

SHAKY SNAKES – Post Supernova Blues

ansiform – artroom

xerxes – arctica

Haruomi Hosono – Air-Condition

Bliss – Soon Enough

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