Radio OverCoat 2012.01.25 – “Quite a lot of Purell” A_Rival Guest Appearance + Performance


Tonight’s episode was a first for Radio OverCoat. 8bit Pimp A_Rival appeared on this week’s show, for a little chitchat and a little freestyle, lots of fun! Read on for the playlist of stuff I played in the first half of the show.

A_Rival – I Wanna Be a Ninja Turtle

Shing02 – Luv (sic )

Shibayan – campo de girassol

Beatdrop – Tachyon (A_Rival Remix )capsule – Get Down

Lemon Demon – BRODYQUEST

OverCoat & Blue123 – Ah Eh I Oh You

深水チエ – レテとふたりのわるいこと

HMOとかの中の人。 (PAw Laboratory ) – ハイスクールララバイ

blamstrain – woo had (busta rhymes mashup )

PlanetSkill – Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Oil Ocean (WT-40 Mix ) OC ReMix

Treow – Melas

Trev Wignall – Hyperspace Junkyard

Sketch Show – Supreme Secret

NicolArmarfi – Parity

だ – meu querido

イワクラコマキ – sky is not blue

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Rap Phenomena

foreverpandering – Madoka Rap

Yukihiro Takahashi – Are You Receiving Me?

Nhato – Listen Up

T-Square – In The Grid

凛 – Chireiden set 02 〜 封じられた妖怪

A_Rival – Nuthin’ but a NES Thang

A_Rival – TMNT 2012



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