Radio OverCoat 2012.01.04 – MAGket81X!


First real show of the new year! Tonight I had a double focus show on the recent numerous music releases from Comiket 81, and music by bands for the upcoming Magfest! Which I am supposed to be getting ready for now why am I typing this up hnnngh it should wait ANYWAY here’s the tracklist!



Die Hard Cafe – Casual Friday

CleanTears – 東方妖々夢 ~ Ancient Temple

minibosses – goonies 2

Masayoshi Minoshima – Brazil

Die Hard Cafe – Unravel

Temp Sound Solutions – FFVI NEW CONTINENT

Danimal Cannon – Danimal Across America

minibosses – ghosts n goblins

chibi-tech – gaze at my sour cream burrito

あいざわ | ゆーな | 海兎 – teardrop

Temp Sound Solutions – FF6 Snowfield

パプリカ – 宵陰ー平安のエイリアン

chibi-tech – fling out my funky whey

綾倉盟 – Stellar

Temp Sound Solutions – Monkey Island

Stemage – Metroid Metal Prime – Phendrana Drifts

Temp Sound Solutions – Area 88 Enemy Air

パプリカ – 「おはよう」ー童祭

CleanTears | erica – Like a flower(Floor Style )

Jake Kaufman – BGM – Launch Hearts

Metroid Metal – Phendrana Drifts (Metroid Prime )

Metroid Metal – Boss Medley (Super Metroid )

minibosses – sports!!!

Temp Sound Solutions – UN SQUADRON BOSS

水橋ゆっきー – 紅い絨毯はメイドの挨拶

chibi-tech – heiming on my boudin

Die Hard Cafe – Metrosexual 2012

Disasterpeace – Ensis

CleanTears – ヴォヤージュ1969

Poplica* – Angel’s Doubt

The OneUps – Chrono Trigger

あいざわ | 中恵光城 | 海兎 – 月夜のサクラ

パプリカ – 微睡みにおちるー魔術師メリー

virt – buster bob

minibosses – tecmo bowl

Nhato – Phantoms In Da House

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