Radio Fuc 2014-07-15: 2 Hours of Late Night Fun in the Ball Pit


Surprise show! Because of work, I haven’t been able to do my 2 regular weekly shows, and might not be able to for a while, so I got fed up with that and decided to do a super late night stream. I’ll add it to the Radio OverCoat category since it’s technically the same format. Read on for the playlist:

OverCoat – Ghosts

Triple-Q – Blumenkanye


toonlink – Talk Beatle To Me

Haruomi Hosono – Gaplus

Pink Guy – Big Mama

George & Jonathan – Jamn

Zuntata – The Sea

Astor Piazzolla – Adios Nonino

Stemage – Flow

RosalinaSama – Triple X Channel

Lazerhawk – Overdrive

Lucki Ecks – No Troubles (Prod. By Nate Fox)

Triple-Q – Losing Me Your Way [Kill la Kill Remix]

mitch murder – From the Future

Kouji Makaino – Funky Doll

OverCoat – Datacenter

Perturbator – Sexualizer (feat. Flash Arnold)

Death In June – Life Under Siege

Disasterpeace – Progress

ST – I met a girl with butterfly wings

royal sefton – Ray III: Prism

Vektroid – Walk With Me Saturn

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Rap Phenomena

D Fast – Liquid Cool

Nosaj Thing – Voices

Current 93 – Why Caesar Is Burning Part II

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