Open Circuit on 8BitX #015 “Space Bundles”



Awesome Force – It’s Full of Stars [Invitations]

Awesome Force – Standing on the Shoulders of Giants [Invitations]


Melt Channel – Live! From Planet Earth [ERASERS]

Auxcide – Silver Planet [Laniakea]

For Astronauts and Satellites – Earth 2.0 [Bundle of WIN]


ap0c – Heavy Interference [Bundle of WIN]

Toni Leys – Wow! Signal [Bundle of WIN]

Melt Channel – Sunrise, Seabreeze [ERASERS]

Positive Infinity – Hyper Funk Zone [Serket]


Toni Leys – They Come From Above [Blast Processor]

CarboHydroM – Milky Way Train [Bundle of WIN]

zircon – Neptune [single]

Dream*Eater – Reclusive Stars (featuring Azuria Sky) [Fantasy]


Chromelodeon – V.S. (live) [Live at John Bale Book Company]

Chromelodeon – Doom (live) [Live at John Bale Book Company]

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