Open Circuit on 8BitX #012 “Haste”


This week’s playlist, despite being hastily thrown together, coheres quite nicely.


Street Cleaner – Never Again [Shutdown]

ZEN ALBATROSS – Infrared Ritual [SIGINT]
For Astronauts and Satellites – To Fight Monsters… [Then, By The Light Of Our Own Creation]

Kirby’s Dream Band – Street Fighter II (Family Man Edition) [The Pink Album (vinyl version)]
Street Cleaner (feat. Monte) – Boardwalk [Shutdown]
Metroid Metal – Prime 3 Theme / Bryyo (Live at MAGFest 9) [website]

Roundelay – improv + Bragging Rights (live) [2009-08-28 The Levee]
Cheap Dinosaurs – Mountain Pass [High Strangeness OSV]
Kartmaze – Ace Rider Cobra [soundcloud]
Cheap Dinosaurs – End Theme [High Strangeness OSV]

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