Open Circuit on 8BitX #008 “Cathode Ray Glow”


Open Circuit flashes back to the 1980’s with this synthwave-heavy episode.


zabutom – Redux34 [Redux34]

Alpharisc – We Have Fairlight [Alpha Crucis]
Power Glove – Telecom [Alpha Crucis]
September 87 (feat. Droid Bishop) – Ride All Night [Alpha Crucis]

Carpenter Brut – Looking for Tracy Tzu [Trilogy]
Carpenter Brut – Le Perv [Trilogy]
Carpenter Brut – Anarchy Road [Trilogy]

TWRP – Japanquest [2nite EP]
Villainest – 16 Bit Hit [Soundcloud]
TWRP – Time Crystal [Believe In Your Dreams]
The Encounter – Theme of Solid Snake [Dreams of Outer Heaven]

Marshall Art (feat. Dino Lionetti) – Polygon Sun (Live at MAGFest 13) [unreleased]

Blitz Lunar – Cave [Super Bat Puncher]
Blitz Lunar – Game Over [Super Bat Puncher]

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