Open Circuit on 8BitX #005 “Timepiece”


With the quantity of new, amazing chip and VGM being released this week, the playlist practically picked itself! Plus, Open Circuit spotlights the new XOC reissues on bandcamp, before running out of time and having to cut his playlist short.


Ivan Hakštok, streifig – Runnin’ in Circles [Chronicles of Time: A Premonition]

Danimal Cannon – The Frogurt Is Also Cursed [Shütshimi Lp]
an0va – Relentless (feat. An0va) [Shütshimi Lp]
ap0c – Abzocke der mauer [LISTENCORE Vol. I]
ap0c – Vorspiel [LISTENCORE Vol. I]
Chipocrite – Truce [Wordplay]
Chipocrite – Civic Duty [Wordplay]

Videri String Quartet – Chrono Trigger, Allegro Con Brio [Chronicles of Time: A Premonition]
Cory Johnson – Morning is Here [Chronicles of Time: A Premonition]
Kirby’s Dream Band – Epoch ~ Wings of Time [Chronicles of Time: A Premonition]
Marshall Art – But You’re Still Hungry [Chronicles of Time: A Premonition]

Xoc – Back to the Future [8 Bit 80s Flick]
Xoc – Beetlejuice – Sewer [8 Bit 80s Flick]
Xoc – Marble Madness (in the style of Beck) [Emulator]
Xoc – Metroid – Kraid (country version) [If You Don’t Listen To My Music I’ll Kill This Dog]

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