Open Circuit on 8BitX #004 “Immensity”


Open Circuit returns from a two week vacation with a heavy, hard hitting rock-centric playlist.


Maserati – Rehumanizer II [Rehumanizer]

For Astronauts and Satellites – Echoing Endlessly [A Homing Light]
The Mountain Chiefs – Gomera Mosking [The Mountain Chiefs]

Cory Johnson – Sanctuary [The Legend of Zelda]
Surgeon – Unknown [Live at The Levee]
Surgeon – Leaf Blower [Live at The Levee]

Double Ferrari – Double Ferrari [Live at MAGFest 13]
‘Powers – Moloch! [unreleased]
Bit Brigade – Ridley’s Lair [Metroid]

The Mountain Chiefs – Traumahawk [The Mountain Chiefs]

8 Bit Instrumental – A Ultima Carimbada (Ending) [Super Dodge Ball: Around the World]

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