Nov. 13, 2011: Nitro Game Injection continues Japan Month with SquareEnix Special, featuring special guest Robert Stjärnström of Machinae Supremacy!

NGI hits another milestone episode with #175, and keeps rolling with a month of episodes dedicated to Japanese game companies, this time dedicated to the music of Square AND Enix! Kyle, Larry and Slider will be taking a look at tracks from Terranigma, Romancing SaGa, Soul Blazer, Rad Racer, Bust a Groove, 3D World Runner,  and E.V.O. Oh, and there’s also something about a last fantasy, a warrior’s quest for dragons, and a trigger of time as well, but you’ll just have to tune in to Arecibo Radio on Sunday, November 13th at 5 PM Eastern to find out what that’s all about!

ALSO, as part of the NGI #175 festivities, Kyle and Larry will be joined by the one and only Robert Stjärnström of world-famous SID metal band Machinae Supremacy! Rob stops by to put up with Kyle’s starstruck burning super-fan questions, talk about his career and the formation of MaSu, video game music and its personal inspiration, and a whole lot more. BE THERE!

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