Nitro Game Injection #84: Restructuring


Sons of Angels – NASCAR Arcade Star-Spangled Banner
Stemage – Metroid Metal – The Escape ~ The Ending

Host Segment – KyleJCrb welcomes listeners to Nitro Game Injection #84; hard drive loss scare averted

Chris Stewart – Mega Man 2 Level Intro
CarboHydroM – Ducktales Duckburg
Ryan8bit – Metal Gear, Snakes Revenge The Mad Note
Cool Modine – Kirby’s Dream Land Dedede, The King of Rock
A.S.H. – Guilty Gear XX A Liquor Bar And A Drunkard
Preludio – Final Fantasy IX Battle 1
Absolute Hope – Tales of Phantasia Fighting of the Spirit
Darangen – Killer Instinct Deck the Claws

Host Segment – Kyle talks a little bit about Gran Turismo 4, and its improvements/changes over the past incarnations

Matt Uelmen – Diablo 2 Tristram
Dark Koji – StarFox Series Assault in Fox’s Clothing
Krispy – Halo Insurrection
chtonic – Kirby Superstar Nemesis
Naoto Shibata Project – Snatcher Battle Blow Up Tricycle
ZOMBIE – Zelda: A Link to the Past Hyrulian War March
Christian Pacaud – Chrono Cross A Dragon’s Prayer

Host Segment – Song identifcations

priZm – Super Mario Bros. Bowser Is Pissed OC ReMix
midr2 – Kid Icarus Level 3 (Requested by Shawn Phase )
midr2 – HESytem (Requested by Shawn Phase )
Motherbrain! – Castlevania Medley
Malc Jennings – Robocop CPC Zone OC ReMix (Rquested by KLAX )
Tom Jones – Things Go Better With Coke (Requested by KLAX )
Jellyfish – Ignorance is Bliss (Requested by Rexy )
Brandon Blume – Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Chemical Overdose
Dooleus – Super Mario 64 Bowser’s Last Stand

Host Segment – NGI VG Music Artist of the Week: Brian Davis/Alias Jack ( )

Alias Jack – StarFox Corneria
Brian Davis – Street Fighter 2 Ken
Alias Jack – Super Mario Bros. 2 & 3
Brian Davis – A Nightmare on Elm Street
Alias Jack – Double Dragon
Brian Davis – Silver Surfer

Host Segment – More information on Brian Davis; song identifications

Jun Senoue – SEGA Rally Championship – Conditioned Reflex ~ Getting Muddy (J.S. Kickstart Mix ’99 )
The Advantage – Marble Madness (Requested by Shawn Phase )
Spamtron – Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island – Caves
CarboHydroM – Ikaruga Antimatter
Seifer – Zelda Ocarina of Time Hey Saria, How Ya Doin’?!(Requested by Kirk )
prozax – Gradius 1, 3 Power Up!
Strike911 – Metal Gear Solid Snake 21st Century Soldier

Host Segment – Weekly Dose of Duels: February 2004, Mega Man games ( )

Paragon – Spark Man and Gemini Man Hate This Song
Ryan8bit – Mega Man Short Fuse
Radne – Metal Man
Ashane – Mega Man X Boomer Kuwanger
Eric – Wave Man
Best Metal Man Fan – St. Metal Man (NuMetallica Man )

Host Segment – Song identifications

Showtaro – Mega Man X7 Lazy Mind
Takenobu Mitsuyoshi – Daytona USA B-Univ Let’s Go Away
analoq – Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island MooSE
Star Salzman – Chrono Trigger The Incredible Singing Robot OC ReMix
djpretzel – Naruto Falling Down Anime Remix
Kazuki Muraoka, Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko, Yukie Morimoto – Gradius III Symphonic Poetry – Departure (Gradius III )

Host Segment – Feature: The Peoples Remix Contest ( )

FIDGAF, TO – Seiken Densetsu 3 Electrion (Guitar Mix ) OC ReMix
Hemophiliac – True Love My Valentine’s Tragedy
analoq – Suicide Express Groovicide
Mythril Nazgul, Trenthian – Mega Man 7 Shades of Emotion
Tranquil Chaos – True Love True Punk
Bladiator – Jazz Jackrabbit MC Jazzer

Host Segment – The Tron Block: All songs requested by Tron16

Gwarth – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 (Final Mix )
Ashane – Chrono Trigger Corridors of Time
Shawn Phase & Temp Sound Solutions – Athena
Zoast – Dragon Warrior
Chromelodeon – Mega Man 3 Wily Castle
The Advantage – Ninja Gaiden Mine Shaft

Host Segment – Winding down the show; song identifications

Stemage – Super Metroid Metal – Lower Norfair
BrainCells – Ninja Gaiden 2 Let The Wind Flow
Generic – Double Dragon II Egypt (Requested by Shawn Phase )
Midee, prozax – Life Force Tactile Freefall OC ReMix
CarboHydroM – Fushigi No Umi No Nadia Take Off

Host Segment – NGI Album of the Week: Super Metroid – Relics of the Chozo ( )

Protricity – Super Metroid: Relics of the Chozo – Premonition of Fell Purpose
Vigilante – Relics Of The Chozo: Super Metroid – So It Begins…
Avien – Relics Of The Chozo: Super Metroid – Noumenon
Protricity And Zyko – Relics Of The Chozo: Super Metroid – Perceived By Cold Intelligence
Daniel Baranowsky – Relics Of The Chozo: Super Metroid – The Galaxy Is At Peace…

Host Segment – Finally closing; thanks to everyone that listened. Next week begins the countdown to show 100!

virt – Super Metroid Crystal Flash

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