This week, NGI takes a drive through the latest albums from OverClocked ReMix, GameLark, Materia Collective, and Pixel Mixers, shines the spotlight on some retro computer game remixes, gets near an otomatone, and more!

Also, be sure to check out Mix Challenge if you’re looking for a community of musicians to to share critique and ideas!

1. WillRock – Nitroglycerin Injection [Live] (Theme of KNGI :: Facebook)
2. Ben Briggs, PrototypeRaptor – Rolling Start! (Daytona USA [ARC] :: OverClocked ReMix)

3. zykO – Homeland [VOID INTRO] (StarCraft [PC] :: Materia Collective)
4. BlackearacheXD – Kingdom Trial (Chrono Trigger [SNES] :: GameLark)
5. Ubaldo B, RichaadEB, Insaneintherainmusic – Rocket Hideout (Pokemon [GB] :: Pixel Mixers)

6. daXX – Pinball Dreams Intro Remix (Pinball Dreams [AMI] :: AmigaRemix)
7. LukHash – SUPREMACY (Supemacy [C64] :: Bandcamp)
8. mklachu – Steam Gardens (Super Mario Odyssey [SWI] :: YouTube)

FEATURED ALBUM #1 – VROOM: SEGA Racing :: OverClocked ReMix
9. UV Sir J – Dat Yugo (Indy 500 [ARC])
10. Tuberz McGee – YOU’RE TOO SLOWE! (NASCAR Arcade [ARC])
11. José the Bronx Rican – Five Laps (Virtua Racing Deluxe [32X])

12. Krzysztof Słowikowski – Junk Man (Mega Man 7 [SNES] :: Bandcamp)
13. Stemage – Tectonic Symphonic (Runner3 [PC] :: Bandcamp)
14. Ferdk – The Necrotaur Battle (Quest For Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness [PC] :: YouTube)

FEATURED ALBUM #2 – World’s Requiem: Final Fantasy VI :: Pixel Mixers
15. Kain White, Lord Bif Music, Hashel, Josh Nielsen – Slam Shuffle (Final Fantasy VI [SNES])
16. SJTR5, Kiaran, Josh Nielsen – The Decisive Battle (Final Fantasy VI [SNES])
17. Mind Waker – Devil’s Lab (Final Fantasy VI [SNES])

18. insaneintherainmusic, Jace Payackapan, Zabrina Hay, Nick Smith, Will Trueblood, Ian Lazan, Chris Allison, Alejandro Espinosa – Can You Feel the Sunshine (Sonic R [SAT] :: YouTube)
19. UV Sir J, DiGi Valentine, J.ME the Sista’ UV – Tail Chaser (Metropolis Street Racer [DC] :: OverClocked ReMix)

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