Nitro Game Injection #263: McRib Sauce Splatfest (Nintendo November Part 3: Splatoon Special)


NGI IS BACK! Larry regales the listeners with the tale of a failed McRib expedition while Kyle takes awful puns to a whole new level, all to the sound of awesome Splatoon remixes from bLiNd, The Consouls, GaMetal and many more!

1. Jivemaster – Nitro Game Inject Me [Into My Veins] (The NGI EP)

2. GaMetal – Splattack! (medley arrangement of music from Splatoon [WIIU] :: YouTube)
3. James Landino – Show Me Dat Ink! (arrangement of ‘High-Color Evolution’ from Splatoon [WIIU] :: GameChops)

4. ZIMUIN G – battle BGM “Hooked” Band Edition (arrangement of ‘Hooked’ from Splatoon [WIIU] :: YouTube)
5. Yusuke Akimoto – SHIOKARABUSHI (arrangement of ‘Shiokara-Bushi’ from Splatoon [WIIU] :: YouTube)

6. The Consouls – Splattack! (arrangement of ‘Splattack!’ music from Splatoon [WIIU] :: YouTube)
7. GEN-ZO – Salted Clause [GEN-ZO edit] DEMO01 (arrangement of ‘Shiokara-Bushi’ from Splatoon [WIIU] :: SoundCloud)

8. bLiNd – Watching Ink Dry! (arrangement of ‘Cephaloparade’ from Splatoon [WIIU] :: GameChops)
9. Toru Minegishi – Splattack! (arrangement of ”Splattack!’ from Splatoon [WIIU] :: VGMdb)

10. AJ DiSpirito – Splatoon Metal VS Melody (medley arrangement of music from Splatoon [WIIU] :: YouTube)
11. Mykah – Squid Skank! (arrangement of ‘Tentacular Circus’ from Splatoon [WIIU] :: GameChops)

12. ZIMUIN G – BGM Ending theme [Piano Band Edition] (arrangement of ‘Maritime Memory’ from Splatoon [WIIU] :: YouTube)
13. Shiho Fujii – Shiokara-Bushi [Traditional] (arrangement of ‘Shiokara-Bushi’ from Splatoon [WIIU] :: VGMdb)
14. grg – YOU’RE A SLAM [YOU’RE A JAM] (arrangement of ”Splattack!’ from Splatoon [WIIU] :: Bandcamp)

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