Nitro Game Injection #252: WHAT R U DOIN STAHP (feat. “The Lady” Paige)


Kyle and Larry power through some technical difficulties with an abbreviated show this week while being joined by The Lady to talk about her role as lyricist in an award-nominated track from the game Deemo!

1. Jivemaster – Nitro Game Inject Me (Into My Veins) (

2. Prince uf Darkness – Metal Symphonized (arrangement of ‘Metal Hypnotized’ by EARTHBOUND PAPAS :: )
3. CarboHydroM – Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell (arrangement of music from Other Side [PC] :: )
4. Midee – Cleaning Out Axis (medley arrangement of music from Batman [NES] :: )

5. Ben Prunty Music – Colony Ship (from FTL: Advanced Edition Soundtrack :: )
6. Jillian Aversa feat. DrumUltimA, XPRTNovice, zircon – Generations (arrangement of ‘Forest Temple’ from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [N64] :: )

7. Kevin Penkin feat. michiyo Honda – I race the dawn (from Deemo [mobile] :: )
8. Falk – Unleashed Project White Space Medley (medley arrangement of music from Sonic Unleashed [360/PS3] :: )

9. norg – Boss Key (arrangement of ‘Supreme Lord Exdeath’ and ‘Clash on the Big Bridge’ from Final Fantasy 5 [SNES] :: )
10. Christian Pacaud feat. Liontamer, The Lady Paige – GIANTSQUID VS Killer Seals (arrangement of music from Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest [SNES] :: )

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