Nitro Game Injection #245: 147 Minutes of Glory


Kyle and Larry return for the new year with awesome music, including two arranged tracks from Kaleb Grace’s Monocle Man soundtrack for the OUYA, new stuff from Dwelling of Duels and OverClocked ReMix, the latest from Aki Järvinen over at AmigaRemix, tracks from MAGFest bands LONELYROLLINGSTARS, Viking Guitar, and Knight of the Round, and more! Larry also makes lasagna, recounts his experiences of missing most of MAGFest 2014, and ruins his marriage. Again.


2. Aki Järvinen – Turrican 3 (Guitar Remix) (arrangement of ‘Main Theme’ from Turrican 3 [Amiga]:: )
3. Munzadeth, Comm – Can I Borrow a Follin? (medley arrangement of music from Time Trax [GEN] and Pictionary [NES] :: )

4. LONELYROLLINGSTARS – Royal Rainbow Road (medley arrangement of ‘Rainbow Road’ from Mario Kart: Double Dash [GCN] and Mario Kart 64 [N64] :: )
5. Ivan Hakstok, Wake, Wild Cat, XPRTNovice – 5 Minutes of Glory (medley arrangement of music from Super Final Match Tennis [SNES] and Sonic the Hedgehog ’06 [XB360/PS3] :: )

6. Eino Keskitalo – Clockwork Groove (arrangement of ‘Stairway to the Clouds’ from Castlevania [N64] :: )
7. Viking Guitar – Battle March (from Dungeon Hearts [PC] :: )

8. Paul Levasseur – Crossing the Dire Dunes (arrangement of music from Monocle Man [OUYA] :: )
9. Dustin Wyatt – Walking on Air ~Flying High Mix~ (arrangement of music from Monocle Man [OUYA] :: )

10. Sir NutS – Stepping Out (arrangement of ‘Ken Stage’ and ‘Cammy Stage’ from Super Street Fighter II [ARC] :: )
11. Knight of the Round – Malevolence (arrangement of ‘The Unforgiven’ from Final Fantasy VI [SNES] :: )

12. OA – Rainfall (arrangement of ‘Stage 5’ from SmartBall [SNES] :: )
13. Machinae Supremacy – SpacePunx (from Jets’n’Guns [PC] :: )

14. Street Cleaner – One Night In Neo Kobe City (arrangement of music from Snatcher [SCD] :: )
15. Aviators – What We Left Behind (arrangement of ‘Ending’ from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 [GEN] :: )
16. Prince of Darkness, finbeard, DrumUltimA, SnappleMan – Anatomy of a Hedgehog: A Hip-Hopera in 6 Movements (medley arrangement of music from Sonic the Hedgehog [GEN] and Sonic Adventure 2 [DC] :: )

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