Nitro Game Injection #244: Hard Times


Kyle rolls on with the show by himself while waiting for Larry to arrive and talks about the upcoming Symphonic Legends concert in London, an orchestral concert featuring music from The Legend of Zelda series. Larry shows up to talk a little about For Everlasting Peace and OK, We’ll Groove, as well as a quick update on the newest judges at OC ReMix. Featuring music from C-jeff, The X-Hunters, Benjamin Briggs, WillRock, and more!

1. Mutherpluckin’ B feat. KGS – Blastin’ Through the Years (medley arrangement of music from Blaster Master [NES] :: )
2. notMe, OverClocked University – Take My Hand (arrangement of ‘heal’ from Ico [PS2] :: )

3. The X-Hunters – Kremlin Kong-Quest (medley arrangement of music from Donkey Kong Country series [SNES] :: )
4. Through Self Deduction – Muted (arrangement of ‘Endless Challenge’ from F-Zero X [N64] :: )

5. Wizwars – Telstar Arcade (original work from ‘The Legend of Wizwars’ album :: )
6. Stemage, C-jeff – Black Lock (original work ‘Big Steel Wheels’ album :: )

7. Benjamin Briggs – Shy Guy Holiday ~ Koopa Vacation ~ See You Next Time! (medley arrangement of music from Mario Kart Super Circuit [GBA], Super Mario Kart [SNES], and Mario Kart 64 [N64] :: )
8. halc – Flower Power (arrangement of ‘Yoshi’s Island’ from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island [SNES] :: )

9. Alex Roe – Batman Arkham City (arrangement of music Batman: Arkham City [XB360/PS3/PC] :: )
10. MrBulbamike – Super Mario 3D World Theme 8 Bit (arrangement of ‘Overworld’ from Super Mario 3D World [WIIU] :: )

11. WillRock – Bombs Away! (arrangement of ‘Bomb Man Stage’ from Mega Man [NES] :: )
12. ectogemia – Amps Macabre (arrangement of ” from Mega Man Battle Network [GBA] :: )

13. Nutritious – Enemy Underworld (arrangement of ‘Heat Wave’, ‘Bionic Commando Theme’ from Bionic Commando [NES] :: )
14. Sir NutS – Proceed Without Caution (arrangement of ‘Bionic Commando Theme’ from Bionic Commando [NES] :: )
15. Rozovian – Swing into the Sunset (arrangement of ‘Ending’, ‘Epilogue’ from Bionic Commando [NES] :: )

16. MegaDriver – Cormano Unchained (arrangement of ‘Shootout at Sunset Ranch’ from Sunset Riders [SNES/GEN] :: )
17. DusK – Overworld Theme Metal Cover (arrangement of ‘Overworld’ from Super Mario 3D World [WIIU] :: )
18. The Jetzons – Hard Times (arranged into ‘IceCap Zone’ from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 [GEN] :: )

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