Nitro Game Injection #243: Super Sonic Warriors (Sonic CD: Temporal Duality Listening Party)


Nitro Game Injection unveils the latest release from OverClocked ReMix: Temporal Duality! Covering both the North American and Japanese/European soundtracks of Sonic CD, this massive release is a free download available from OCR! Lead project director SuperiorX also joins Kyle and Larry during the second half of the show to provide some insight into the development of the album.

1. Crush 40 vs. Cash Cash – Sonic Boom (from Sonic The Hedgehog CD Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition :: )
2. Tuberz McGee – Press Start [Title Screen JP]
3. begoma feat. W!SE the all. E – Forever In Your Mind [You Can Do Anything]
4. Theory of N – Night of the Ninth [Little Planet]
5. SuperiorX – Paradise Paradox [Palmtree Panic JP]
6. Kruai – Schizophrenic [Collision Chaos JP]
7. Rexy – Chips Out Of Water [Tidal Tempest JP]
8. G-Mixer – Timekeeper [Quartz Quadrant JP]
9. halc, Sir Jordanius – WhACKASS WORKShIFTS [Wacky Workbench JP]
10. metaphist – Bass For a Better Tomorrow [Special Stage JP]
11. OverClocked Assembled – Time Traveller’s Delight [Stardust Speedway JP]
12. Main Finger feat. KingTiger, ladyWildfire – This is Madness! [Metallic Madness JP]
13. Chernabogue feat. DusK, Furilas – Black Metal [Boss Theme JP]
14. Palpable feat. DiGi Valentine – Extraordinary [Cosmic Eternity]
15. Syllix – Prelude for Temporal Duality [Various]
16. DusK – A World In Motion [Sonic Boom]
17. Amphibious – Palm Beach SEGA Tan [Palmtree Panic US]
18. HoboKa, Sir Jordanius feat. Xenon Odyssey – Titillating Tempest [Tidal Tempest US]
19. Garpocalypse, SuperiorX – Ion Storms Above the Mechanical Forest [Collision Chaos US]
20. Jivemaster – Quadrant of Rock [Quartz Quadrant US]
21. PROTODOME – WORK IT! [Wacky Workbench US]
22. Chernabogue – The Hero of Time [Invincibility US, Zone Clear US]
23. KingTiger – Road Trip [Stardust Speedway US]
24. Arceace – Running To the Beat [Special Stage US]
25. Tuberz McGee – Corruption [Metallic Madness US]
26. Phonetic Hero – Yours Truly, Satan [Boss Theme US]
27. Magellanic feat. PROTODOME – Take It All the Way [Sonic Boom]
28. KingTiger – Primed & Ready [Metal Sonic]
29. Jivemaster feat. Rabcandy – The Boom (Undeleted) [Sonic Boom]
30. Andy Tunstall – Undertow to Leatow [Tidal Tempest JP]
31. Funk Fiction – Crystal Duration [Metallic Madness JP, Special Stage JP]
32. Portanexus – Two Futures [Stardust Speedway JP]
33. ladyWildfire feat. Level 99 – Future Crystalline Luminosity [Quartz Quadrant US]
34. Phonetic Hero, therex – Whack It [Wacky Workbench US]
35. Tuberz McGee – Gotta Go Faster [Collision Chaos JP, You Can Do Anything]
36. djpretzel – Starway [Stardust Speedway US]
37. Brandon Strader – Temporal Duality [Final Boss JP]
38. SuperiorX, Phonetic Hero – The Future Is Bright [Metallic Madness JP Good Future]
39. W!SE the all. E – Elevator Music [Palmtree Panic JP]
40. Spencer Nielsen – End of Act

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