Nitro Game Injection #241: Burning Daylight


The show starts off on a somber note as Kyle and Larry discuss the untimely demise of Nerdapalooza and the state of CAPCOM’s fan relations, but picks up as they discuss the resurrection of the KNGI website, The Gamewave Podcast joining the KNGI ranks, the release of Vampire Variations Volume II as well as OverClocked ReMix’s first commercial release For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man. Kyle also admits that he HATES Super Castlevania IV! (except not really)

1. AutoReMi-PK – CHORD WOMAN (FUTURE HEROINE GUITAR ASSASSIN) (Theme of Nitro Game Injection :: )

2. The Grammar Club – Red Cyclone Live at Nerdapalooza 2009 (arrangement of ‘Zangief’ from Street Fighter II [ARC] :: )
3. The Megas feat. Mega Ran – Metal Dance Live at Nerdapalooza 2010 (arrangement of ‘Metal Man Stage’ from Mega Man 2 [NES] :: )
4. The OneUps – Mountain Fortress Delta VII Live at Nerdapalooza 2011 (arrangement of ‘Dark World’ from Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past [SNES] :: )

5. Video Games Live – Super Mario World (medley arrangement of music from Super Mario World [SNES] :: )
6. Scott Buckley – Hero of the Heartlands (arrangement of ‘Entering Baldur’s Gate’, ‘Main Theme’ from Baldur’s Gate [PC] :: )

7. Big Giant Circles – Downtown (from Zombocalypse 2 [WEB] :: )
8. Jesper Kyd – Dam Top (from Borderlands 2 [PC/XB360/PS3] :: )

9. Abreu Project – African Mines (arrangement of ‘African Mines’ from DuckTales [NES] :: )
10. RobTKA – MJ Garden (arrangement of ‘Marble Garden Zone’ from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 [GEN] :: )

11. Super Guitar Bros – Castle/Boss (arrangement of ‘Castle & ‘Boss’ from Super Mario World [SNES] :: )
12. Super Guitar Bros – Gerudo Valley (arrangement of ‘Gerudo Valley’ from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [N64] :: )
13. NESSideConnection – Single – Main Theme 50s Style (arrangement of ‘Main Theme’ from River City Ransom [NES] :: )

14. Sixto Sounds feat. Jeff Ball – Electric Spark (Arrangement of ‘Spark Mandrill Stage’ from Mega Man X [SNES] :: )
15. fredrikd – Rubber Horse (arrangement of ‘Fake’ from Mega Man Zero [GBA] :: )
16. Daniel Tidwell – The Brotherhood of Fiann (original work :: )
17. brentalfloss, Niko Tsakalakos – Tecmo Bowl with Lyrics (medley arrangement of music from Tecmo Bowl [NES] :: )

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