Nitro Game Injection #238: Straight ThugNotin’


Featuring tracks from the mega Secret of Mana collab album Spectrum of Mana, Koopa Soundworks’ World 1-2, DusK’s Hardcore Adventure Box, Descendants of Erdrick, Dwelling of Duels Sierra Month, OverClocked ReMix, and MORE! Larry falls ill but holds his ground anyway, espousing the glory of Thug Notes, as well as David L. Puga returning to pimp his freshly-launched Kickstarter for his original album!

1. Cory Johnson – The Gerudo Ritual (arrangement of ‘Gerudo Valley’ from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [N64] :: )
2. Alexander Brandon ft. Lauren Liebowitz – A Storm is Coming (arrangement of ‘Distant Thunder’ from Secret of Mana [SNES] ::

3. DusK – World Hub (arrangement of ‘World Hub’ from Guild Wars 2: Super Adventure Box [PC] ::
4. Sir Jordanius – stands like a statue, becomes part of the machine (medley arrangement of music from Kid Chameleon [GEN] ::

5. Uncle & The Bacon – Cybernoid Medley (arrangement of music from Cybernoid [C64] ::
6. chibi-tech – Brosef COMPLEX (original work from the album MoeNES vol. 1: the idol composer’s groove ::

7. David L. Puga – Almost Broken (Demo) (original work from the album Die On My Feet ::
8. David L. Puga – Prosthetic Heart (Demo) (original work from the album Die On My Feet ::

9. Wake, IvanHakstok – Crystal Perils (arrangement of music from Lode Runner: The Legend Returns [PC] ::
10. norg – Like a Boss (arrangement of ‘Danger’ from Secret of Mana [SNES] ::

11. OverClocked Assembled – Time Traveller’s Delight (arrangement of ‘Stardust Speedway [J]’ from Sonic CD [SCD] ::
12. Smooth McGroove – Muda Kingdom Acapella (arrangement of ‘Muda Kingdom’ from Super Mario Land [GB] ::

13. Dr Future – International Karate Part I (arrangement of music from International Karate [C64] ::
14. Descendants of Erdrick – Motavian Medley (arrangement of music from Phantasy Star IV [GEN] ::

15. katethegreat19 – ‘Round the Bonfire (arrangement of ‘The Village Festival’ from Dark Cloud [PS2] ::
16. Manami Matsumae – One Shot, One Kill (Revisited) (original work from the album World 1-2: Encore ::

17. Omigadrive, Prince of Darkness & friends – Meridian Rush (arrangement of ‘Meridian Dance’ from Secret of Mana [SNES] ::

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