Nitro Game Injection #227: Cheetah of War (featuring Ares of The Cheetahmen)


Kyle and Larry are check out music from the brand new Sonic Stadium Music Adventure album, the latest releases from OverClocked ReMix, and tons of other cool stuff from Yoga Fire!, Gibs, Mega Beardo, Magical Trick Society, and plenty more. They are also joined by a VERY special guest: Ares of the Cheetahmen HIMSELF!

1. Freen in Green – Can’t Stop? So What! Modern’s The Way I Like It! …for Metal Harbor (arrangement of ‘That’s The Way I Like It’ and ‘Can’t Stop? So What!’ from Sonic Adventure 2 :: )

2. PROTO·DOME – GO! GO! GO! (arrangement of ‘Grand Opening’ from Kirby Super Star [SNES] :: )
3. zircon, Jillian Aversa – The Search for Ambrosia (arrangement of ‘NYC Streets’ from Deus Ex [PC] :: )

4. Magical Trick Society – REPLAY (arrangement of ‘REPLAY’ from Virtua Racing DELUXE [32X] :: )
5. Jun Senoue – J.S.Kickstart Remix ’99 (arrangement of ‘Conditioned Reflex’ and ‘Getting Muddy’ from SEGA Rally Championship [SAT] :: )

6. Yoga Fire! – You Can’t Have My Hotels; Go to Japan (arrangement of ‘Ken’s Theme’ from Street Fighter 2 [Arcade] :: )
7. A Rival – Ryu Theme (Super Square Remix) (arrangement of ‘Ryu Theme’ from Street Fighter 2 [Arcade] :: )
8. Norrin Radd – Go Home And Be A Family Man (arrangement of ‘Guile Theme’ from Street Fighter 2 [Arcade] :: )

9. PrototypeRaptor – C.H.E.E.T.A.H. (arrangement of music from Cheetahmen II [NES] :: )
10. Scaredsim, Wild Cat – Turrimann (arrangement of music from Mega Turrican [GEN], Golden Axe [Arcade] :: )
11. Chris Huelsbeck, Fabian Del Priore – Boss 1 (from Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams [PC/XBLA] :: )

12. ThePlasmas – Wicked Child (arrangement of ‘Wicked Child’ from Castlevania [NES] :: )
13. Gibs – Potwor III (arrangement of music from Potwor III [C64] :: )
14. EAR feat. 2 Gryphon, EXshad and Rexy – Night on the Town (arrangement of ‘Blast Town’ from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity [PS2/WII] :: )

15. Random Battles feat. Kirby Pufocia – Dark World – Demon Eclipse (medley arrangement of music from Alien Crush [TG-16] :: )
16. Ryan Postlethwait – The obzEnd (arrangement of ‘Ending’ from Legend of Zelda [NES] :: )
17. The OverClocked Plaid Muffins – Ska Buffet (All You Can Eat: Dirty Version) (arrangement of ‘Clash! Gourmet Race’ from Kirby Super Star [SNES] :: )
18. Some Two Dudes – Double the Head (arrangement of ‘Coin Song’ from Final Fantasy III (meaning VI) [SNES] :: )
19. brentalfloss – Classic Ending Credits With Lyrics (arrangement of ‘Credits’ from Super Mario World [SNES] :: )

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