Nitro Game Injection #216: Frozen McRibs (Winter Special )


It’s time for the annual winter show here at Nitro Game Injection! Along with some great music to get in the spirit of the season, Kyle and Larry give away a veritable slew of Steam game codes courtesy of the Humble Bundle, as well as the generosity of OC ReMixers DusK and CrimsonZeal! Larry handles his laundry duties, and “The Lady” Paige makes another cameo at the end of the show to tell us about how awesome turkey chili and RANDOM.ORG are. Featuring music from xoc, CZ Tunes, Sir_NutS, ansgaros, norg,  Captain Tortilla, Level 99, and more!

NOTE: NGI is off the air next week, December 23rd. We will return on December 30th! 

1. Jun Senoue – Be Cool, Be Wild and Be Groovy …for Ice Cap (from Sonic Adventure [DC] :: )

2. Buoy feat. Stephan Wells – Depths of Phendrana (arrangement of ‘Phendrana Drifts’ from Metroid Prime [GC] :: )
3. CZ Tunes – Monty On The Run (Christmas Edit ) (arrangement of ‘Theme’ from Monty on the Run [C64] :: )

4. Justus Johnston – Icy Peaks (arrangement of ‘Paradise ~ Deep Mountain’ from Touhou Youyoumu: Perfect Cherry Blossom [PC] :: )
5. Sir NutS, Usa – Frozen Heart (arrangement of ‘Biting Cold’ from Tales of Phantasia [SNES] :: )

6. prophetik – mojo gogo (arrangement of ‘Jangle Bells’ from Donkey Kong Country 3: Double Trouble [SNES] :: )
7. PROTO·DOME – Accident! A Mountain Rescue by Skies! Glory! (arrangement of ‘Frosty Frolics’ from Donkey Kong Country 3: Double Trouble [GBA] :: )

8. Captain Tortilla – Wind Chill (original work from Wintertunes :: )
9. Level 99 – Shivering Peak Zone (original work from Fasto the Speedhog 2: Original Soundtrack :: )

10. DusK, Rexy – Stars on Ice (arrangement of music from Ristar [GEN] :: )
11. Rexy, Monobrow – Almost Frozen (arrangement of ‘Vs. Team Iceland’ from Super Dodge Ball [NES] :: )

12. norg – Black Ice (arrangement of ‘Chill Penguin Stage’ from Mega Man X [SNES] :: )
13. ansgaros – Noble Creature of Snow (arrangement of ‘Blizzard Buffalo Stage’ from Mega Man x3 [SNES] :: )

14. Mariko Nanba – WHITE ACROPOLIS ~THE BASE~ (from Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 [XB360/PS3] :: )
15. Xoc – Crystal Frozen Cold Chilly Ice World (original work from Videogame: The Movie: The Game :: )

16. AmIEviL – Death on the Snowfield (arrangement of ‘Terra’ from Final Fantasy VI [SNES] :: )
17. Wake – We’ll Never Be Angels (arrangement of music from Starcraft II [PC] :: )
18. Mega Ran – ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas ( )

BACKGROUND MUSIC: various tracks from The Blue Marlin [NES]

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