Nitro Game Injection #201: Wordsmiths


NGI brings out the big guns with tons of new songs from OverClocked ReMix and Dwelling of Duels this week, along with selections from The Super Guitar Bros., Tanuki Suit Riot, Stemage, Puchi, brentalfloss, and many more! The crew also give away five download codes for the full Indie Game Music Bundle #3 as Larry’s love of food continues with his pimping of Japanese cuisine restaurants. Kyle gives major props to the amazing Bastion, so Slider checks in with an art challenge featuring Zia: Singer & Musician!

1. Washudoll – Intruder Alert (arrangement of ‘Magna Centipede Stage’ from Mega Man X2 [SNES] :: )

2. Super Guitar Bros. – Final Fantasy (medley arrangement of music from the Final Fantasy series :: )
3. minibosses – excitebike 17 (arrangement of music from Excitebike [NES] :: )
4. Stemage, Disasterpeace – 60 (arrangement of ‘Practice Race’ from Marble Madness [NES/GEN] :: )

5. 4 Keys – A Tale of the God Slayer (arrangement of ‘The END DAY’ from Crystalis [NES] :: )
6. Toshinori Hiramatsu – Flash of Sword (arrangement of ‘Frash of Sword’ from Fantasm Soldier Valis [GEN] :: )

7. fredrikd – Wonderful Shadows by the Electric Sheep Orchestra (arrangement of ‘Elec Man Stage’ from Mega Man [NES] and ‘Sheep Man Stage’ from Mega Man 10 [XBLA/PSN/WII] :: )
8. coda – Love You Love You Love (Good Morning Onee-san Mix ) (arrangement of ‘Love You Love You Love’ from Mighty Switch Force [DSi] :: )

9. Abreu Project – Marble Garden Zone (arrangement of ‘Marble Garden Zone Act 1’ from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 [GEN] :: )
10. Justin Tense – bra reloCaTing (arrangement of music from Cobra Triangle [NES] :: )

11. Senescence – Dungeoneering (arrangement of ‘Dungeon’ from Sword of Vermillion [GEN] :: )
12. Tanuki Suit Riot – Moon Patrol (arrangement of music from Moon Patrol [ARC] and Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker [GEN] :: )

13. Ryan8bit – Hot Dam! (arrangement of ‘Save the Dam!’ from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [NES] :: )
14. Doc Nano – The Eggerlander March (arrangement of ‘Level’, ‘Overworld’ from The Adventures of Lolo 3 [NES] :: )

15. Harjawaldar – Down and Dirty (arrangement of ‘Birdman’ from Pilotwings 64 [N64] :: )
16. Puchi – Wings of Freedom (arrangement of music from The Legend of Xanadu [Famicom] :: )

17. Anti-Syne – In the Robot Factory (arrangement of ‘Robotnik Battle’ from Sonic The Hedgehog 2 [GEN] :: )
18. Nario – Hallucinogenic Ethics (original work from Chiptunes = WIN compilation :: )
19. brentalfloss – The 2-2 Blues (arrangement of ‘Underwater’ from Super Mario Bros. [NES] :: )

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