Nitro Game Injection #197: Last Action Audi (featuring Audun “Akumu Audi” Sørlie )


Akumu returns to talk about Chris Huelsbeck’s new Turrican Anthology Soundtrack Kickstarter and give some general background on the Chris Huelsbeck tribute Symphonic Shades. Kyle and Larry also check out new tracks from Ben Landis, Ryan8bit, and Hot Freaks, as well as classics from BrainCells, M-H, Joshua Morse, and more.

Also, be sure to check out this incredible piece of art from Bill Mudron, featuring a huge map inspired by the classic Super Mario Bros. games from the 8- and 16-bit eras.

1. Ben Landis – Matt’s Theme (original work from the album ‘Adventures in Pixels’ :: )
2. Ryan8bit – Zapper in the Duck Hunt (arrangement of music from Duck Hunt [NES] :: )

3. WDR Radio Orchestra Cologne, FILMharmonic Choir Prague – Licht am Ende des Tunnels [Suite] (medley arrangement of music from the short film ‘Light at the End of the Tunnel’ :: )
4. H. – Splash Wave (arrangement of ‘Splash Wave from OutRun [Arcade] :: )

5. b4kn – ghoulz (original work from the album ‘treasure map’ :: )
6. Raphaël Gesqua – Rock Forest (original work from Moto Racer [PS1] :: )

7. RoeTaKa – They’re All Gonna Pay (original work from the album ‘Indominatable Souls’ :: )
8. Quarter Circle Jab – SimCity 2000 (medley arrangement of music from SimCity 2000 [PC] :: )

9. BrainCells – Let the Wind Flow (arrangement of music from Ninja Gaiden II :: )
10. knife city – slam dunk lifestyle (original work from the album ‘knife city’ :: )

11. MintJam – Reincarnation (original work from the album ‘Reincarnation’ :: )
12. GaMetal – Act 4: Booster and his Wedding (medley arrangement of music from Super Mario RPG [SNES] :: )

13. K8-bit – Tusker (The Adventurer wore Khaki shorts mix ) (arrangement of music from Tusker [C64] :: )
14. Joshua Morse – Funk Bump (original work from the album ‘Waveform’ :: )

15. A-dash, Namihei – Fall into the Darkside (arrangement of music from The Revenge of Shinobi [GEN] :: )
16. Hot Freaks – Her Smile in Every Summer (arrangement of ‘Outset Island’ from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker [GCN] :: )

17. M-H – And Remember.. Shoot or Die! (arrangement of ‘Main Title’ from Turrican 3: Payment Day [Amiga] :: )
18. Hiroki Kikuta – Fantasy II: Secret of Mana (medley arrangement of music from Secret of Mana [SNES] :: )

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